Viagra: truth and myths

February 04, 2021 | 4 min Read
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Like many things in our world, the purpose of Viagra was entirely revealed by accident. After all, this drug was conceived for blood flow to the heart muscles, lowering blood pressure, getting rid of angina pectoris.

But at the stage of clinical trials, the experimental men noted that the drug did not improve the heart's work, but their sex life sparkled with new colors.

What are the myths about Viagra?

Viagra works the same for everyone. Not true. Viagra is marketed as a drug to eliminate impotence and erectile dysfunction. For a healthy person, the effect of the drug will be insignificant. Many men suffering from sexual dysfunction actually have low testosterone levels, which makes pills ineffective. In the presence of conditions such as thrombophlebitis and other disorders of vascular function, Viagra may also not work.

Viagra is intended for men of age who have obvious problems with potency. It is not true. Generic Viagra is allowed to be taken by men from 18 years of age, in cases where there are even minor deviations with an erection.

Viagra, when used regularly, can restore male strength. Viagra acts like dope. A specialist should approve continuous use because the pill also has contraindications.

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